Service Hours

Recording BSA Service Hours 

Have you been wondering how to gain credit for service projects being performed by your unit? Did you know service hours are required as part of the Journey to Excellence measurements?  Here are some instructions on how do record hours. If you ever need assistance, please join us at a round-table or contact your District Commissioner.

You will need your unit ID (five to 11 digits) and your unit number (four digits, no letters). You can get this information by calling your council service center.

Go to the website Look for the “Journey to Excellence Service Hours Information” area of the screen. Click on “Service hours website.” Volunteers with a MyScouting account can also reach the Journey to Excellence service hour website by clicking on the service hours link on the left side of the screen in the “Unit Tools” section.

First-Time Users
Select “New Users Click Here” to register. Complete your information and create a user name and password. The user name must be unique (you may have to try again). Your e-mail address will be used only if you forget your password.

Returning Users
Enter your username and password, then click “Login.” Select an option.

View All Previously Recorded Projects
To select the project you want to view or edit, click on the project name. To edit the project, click on the field, type in the correct information, and press “Update.” To print a certificate, press “Print Certificate.”

Report a Service Project
Select one service project type that best describes your project. Input the data requested:
  • Date of the project
  • Number of registered Scouts participating
  • Number of non-Scouts (brothers, sisters, friends)
  • Number of adult leaders participating
  • Number of other adults participating
  • Total hours worked (number of people times the length of time they worked)
  • Organizations that joined you on the project
  • Who or what organization benefited from the project
  • Number of items collected (if applicable)
Click on “Submit.” When you submit your information, you will be asked whether you have any additional projects to record. To print a certificate, press “Print Certificate.”